Consulting field of Marketing


The internationalization of business activities is a key success factor in today’s global competition. Information about local conditions and knowledge about the market structure are essential for successful business activities abroad. An in-depth analysis of the market potential, the client structure and requirements, as well as the competitive situation in the market is a fundamental precondition for the choice of the strategic approach in the respective market.

Exp3rt Consulting Group identifies trends, analyses markets and assesses opportunities and risks. However, the expertise goes far beyond conceptual consulting and comprises also the operational implementation support. This includes the identification, segmentation and evaluation of potential clients and strategic partners in a new market as well as their direct approach on behalf of the client.

Our service range includes the following areas Market analysis, strategy, client identification and strategic partner search.


1. Market analysis and strategy

Our market analysis provides our clients with an important basis for decision-making in terms of their particular market penetration strategy – on a national and international level. Exp3rt Consulting’s core competences include a systematic preparation of relevant market information.

Exp3rt Consulting Group supports its clients in assessing the market situation of their target markets. This enables clients to make strategic decisions; e.g. with regard to possible market entry scenarios and market development, planned business acquisitions, identifying new application areas, strategic realignment or the decision-making to start a business.

The consideration and examination of important market factors such as market volume, market potential and the competitive situation of a market allow our clients a sound assessment of the respective market structure. Utilizing its vast experience, puts Exp3rt Consulting Groupin a position to develop individually customized market optimization and entry strategies and to implement a successful positioning of our clients.

Our process:

  • Defining and describing the target market
  • Recording of the competitive environment and market characteristics
  • Evaluation of the demand of potential consumers
  • Conclusion and strategy recommendations


2. Client identification

Exp3rt Consulting Group helps you identify consumer segments and evaluate growth potential  in new markets. By using individualized segmentation, we identify the characteristics of each consumer segment. In addition, we evaluate the specific requirements and your target group’s interest in your products.

Our work is an integrated part of the market entry strategy of our client and provides comprehensive information before entering a new market. This ensures a fast, efficient and low-risk market entry. You can use the results of our evaluation as a basis for planning subsequent sales and marketing activities.

Our procedure:

  • Definition of crucial general conditions
  • Specify demand on potential key-accounts
  • Building a long list of relevant consumers on the basis of pre-defined criteria
  • Elaboration of consumer profiles and identification of executive measurements
  • Secondary analysis with client’s surveys to evaluate their buying criteria, demand and interest
  • ABC-ranking based on desk research and primary and secondary analysis
  • Building a client database


3. Strategic partner search 

Exp3rt Consulting Group helps you to identify strategic business partners in your key markets: Regardless which type of partnership you are looking for – e.g. with manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, licensees, sales representatives, research collaborations, etc.

Exp3rt Consulting Group will offer an appropriate service and strategic advice in all related matters.

Our service includes the creation of individual company profiles, the identification and approach of short-listed business partners. First potential partners can be identified and selected with regard to our clients needs. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive assistance during negotiations with possible candidates.

Our process:

  • Preparation and definition of the general conditions
  • Familiarising with the client’s product or service
  • Identification of potential partners
  • Developing a first report and presenting progress
  • First direct approach and conversation with potential partners
  • Evaluation and presentation of the final report



The benefit for our clients:

  • Preliminary work for the selection of potential partners within the target market
  • The specified and individualized cluster ensures that our client is complementary with the potential partner in terms of size, distribution and corporate culture
  • Our anonymous approach guarantees our clients privacy and strategic from getting public