What means Sales Consulting


Sales Consulting includes all activities aimed at improving the company’s sales performance and increasing the bottom line. In short it’s main objective is to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.In short, it is the analysis of the sales strategy with all related sales processes (outside sales) related media and last but not least the behavior of all players etc. Once a detailed overview and understanding of the status quo has been formed, it is brought into comparison of the desired target state. Afterwards, activities are defined and implemented to reduce that gap between status quo and target status. The measurable degree of this reducing the distance between the two defines success or failure.


Sales Planning:

As a profit-oriented company, we help you achieve your sales goal of profitably selling your product and service offerings. Exp3rt Consulting Group will help you determine the monetary and non-monetary sales goals and will help you achieve your sales target taking into account sales processes and sales strategies, budget specifications as well as implement resource allocations-  With all this being led by one control panel which will deliver the desired management and sales goals.


Sales Strategy – What’s your plan

Exp3ert Consulting Group help you develop a plan how to best sell products and services and increase profits. It is important to include all “important points and areas” – from sales, marketing, advertising to business administration. Every strategy requires its own tactic or tactical measure – a fact that is frequently ignored by   most companies and we will use this as your advantage and increase your market share.


Sales-Controlling – Sales performance

Are your current control metrics delivering the visibility and analysis you need?  And what is more important to you: that your sales team meets the KIP’s or that sales are consistently rising? We at Exp3rt Consulting Group believe that there is no right or wrong answer to this question, but we strongly recommend the setting of individual goals to lead the way forward. What is the benefit to your company if a sales person makes 20 appointments a day, but doesn’t close a single sale? With us as your partner and given the our many years of experience, we help you develop the key control figures and use them efficiently for your Sales Team or your Key-Account-Management!